In the Park you will enjoy a variety of interesting and exciting activities. Arenal Volcano Horseback riding tours,  Arenal Canopy, Arenal Tubing, trails, paths. These excellent activities, bred on our property, are sure to make this trip a unique experience.

The Arenal Volcano is one of the main natural attractions found in the country of Costa Rica, which says a lot considering that Costa Rica is know around the world for its natural wonders and beauty. You can also live one of the most exhilarating adventures: the rappel. Descending by the cliff of the Arenal Canyon, and surrounded by the wild beauty of the place, you will arrive at the paradise next to the warm water of the Arenal River, to enjoy its natural hot springs.

Go Adventure park offers you an excellent setting for the visitors who love bird watching. We have about 30 hectares (75 acres) of primary and secondary forest, with many paths, trails, waterfalls that will bring you to a myriad of the most amazing and colorful bird species of Costa Rica. You will enjoy a majestic 3-hour journey.
Go Adventure Park, offers the best added value to our clients, in tour handling, private transportation, groups, incentives, corporate programs and individuals.

Our clients put their trust in our local expertise, delivering high-end services in Costa Rica. Our main goal is to provide you with best services & products according with your needs.

Let us be your one-stop-shop for your Costa Rica vacation planning for your Costa Rica adventures, Costa Rica hotel reservations, as well as Costa Rica  transport services for anywhere in Costa Rica! 

Read more about GO ADVENTURE ARENAL ADVENTURE PARK on TripAdvisor!

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