Learn about the Maleku people’s traditional use of medicinal plants, and pick up a few Maleku words.

Discover the land of the Maleku, a sacred territory that you will see through the eyes of the people who have called it their home for centuries.

DEPARTURE TIME Morning Tour: 8:30am
Afternoon Tour: 10:00 am
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable  clothing, hiking boots.
– The medicinal plants trail
-Chaman Spiritual Ritual.
Introduction to the culture Transportation


Experience the knowledge of the indigenous tribe Malecu and a real approach to their beliefs, myths, ceremonies and dances.

The village Malecu Usaica Arenal welcomes you to its Palenque with a traditional ancestral drink and will introduce to the entire village in a very personalized way.

While enjoying a talk time will integrate the activities and daily work of the Indians, help prepare meals and traditional construction of ancient tools. During this time you will learn some basic phrases Malecu “Jaica” their mother tongue. After been an integral part, you will live rehearsals for the presentation of dance ancestral God-Nature-Man, and will be part of the ceremony of “the big fight”. At noon will sit with the tribe to lunch the dishes prepared during the day.

In the afternoon visit, privately, the path “shamanic Oyu Ora”, which will be received by the village shaman. During the tour you will receive ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants of the rainforest, its use and can heal diseases. In addition, you can participate in a ritual of healing and deliverance in the sacred house.

Along with the guide you will visit the Rio Malecu Arenal to practice a bit of fishing, swimming in the river and learn the traditional practice of hunting with bow and arrow shooting. The Malecus will tell stories, rituals and beliefs of the tribe, which will help you understand more about their worldview.

Back in the main house will participate in the traditional handicrafts and know their meaning in the culture and taste of a refreshing from the “Crush”, a typical food.

Finally the tribe will perform a mystique dance with music, the fire ceremony, around a campfire.

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