General Information

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Picture service will be available only for zip line tour or white water tubing and you can purchase them before the tour.
The regular price is $ 12 per person, the photographer will took you around 30 pictures in the whole trip. We have special prices for big families.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Costa Rica, but we have an advanced and modern health care system and universal health care for our citizens with a well-organized and centralized government, so as a country, we have been taking considerable precautions for travelers and citizens.

Here at Go Adventure Park, we provide our “No Problema” Reservation Policy:

✅ Super Flexible rebooking policies
✅ No hassle cancellation policies

We are open to modifying travel dates or cancelling if necessary, just let us know in advance as soon possible so we can accommodate you.

By taking the necessary precautions while you travel, you may be able to take advantage of excellent prices throughout Costa Rica!

We are here to help you!
Just remember to Be SAFE! And Have Serious FUN!

We are located on the most beautiful rainforest in Costa Rica, weather is very variable in La Fortuna. But for adventurers lovers that won’t be a problem, since you will always make the best out of it.

White water tubing , zip line and the rappel will be suspended only in times of electrical storm.

Yes we have a parking lot

There is a Acuarelas Restaurant in the Montaña de Fuego Hotel just across the street, also next door there are a Super Market that you can buy some snacks and drinks.